The Yahoo Girls at the NYC Show - 1/6/01.

Bottom: (L to R) Kathy (bechand), Molly (alettawing), Jennifer (me, ariawoman)
Top: (L to R) Shelly (sparkythehalfpintsleddog), Jadey (just_jaded)

Our prom picture from Harrisburg, PA 3/30/01. Hehehe. Note: I am Kevin's date...

Left to Right: Scott and Chris (RiverGdss), Kevin and Jennifer (ariawoman),
Barry and Amy (AmyMNichols), Jeff and Rachel (raetori), Elliott and Michelle (not yet on yahoo).

Yahoo Girls at B.B. King's 6/27/01

Top: (L to R) Louise (Donafuin), Kathy (bechand), Jennifer (me, ariawoman), Nancy (SolRaven), Paula (wonka1106)
Bottom: (L to R) April (Ningx2), Molly (alettawing)

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