Wanna read about my experience being the chosen Pretty Woman at the Rockapella concert for the NJMEA Convention? Read on! Want to see the pictures first??? Click here!!!

OK I gotta write this all down before I forget it. I waited for this night in much anticipation. Kevin promised me at the 1/6/01 show in NYC that I would be PW the next time I saw him. Well, he kept that promise tonight - 2/23/01.

It was time for PW. Kevin walks off the stage and goes the other way, but I knew he would be coming for me. After all, he promised, and I had waved to him when the night first started out. I figured that if he remembered who I was on his own, that it would be good. Well, he remembered.

I was sitting with Sue, a girl in the Yahoo group, and he first said hello to her. Then he looked at me, and said "whats your name" and of course I told him. He asked if I would help them out, so I obliged. He takes my hand and leads me to the stage. There are no steps so I had to step up onto the stage with these heeled shoes on but I managed to do so without falling…..

When I got up there for some reason I went towards the back, as if to hide, and Kevin said - Come up here! So I had to move forward. At this point I am wondering where the stool is, since there seemingly was none - then all of a sudden there was a tall red bar stool. As luck would have it - I was wearing a red shirt and had painted my nails red - so me and the chair matched lol. I looked at the chair and quipped "we match" and everyone laughed. I sat on the chair and Barry mentioned that my nails were even red - so I held up my hands to show the audience my nails.

Then - Kevin looks to me and asks me what song I think they are going to do - and I think for a second - wondering if he wanted me to play dumb or if I should say it - since I knew that he knew I have seen their act and know whats about to happen. I said "Pretty Woman?" and he said "a little conceited are we?" (At that point, Jeff pretended to kick at the chair when they realized I knew what was going on. I didn't see him, but Sue told me. Everyone laughed at him doing that.) Kevin then proceeded to tell me that the song was in fact called Jennifer. Jennifer was a song about Scotts ex girlfriend - scott then pretends to be very broken up about it - and then Kevin got on his knee and started....

"Oh Jennifer, oh yeah. How you look so red tonight" and I laughed. I couldn't believe it was happening.

There I was. There THEY were. I kept trying to see everyone but they managed to stand far enough back where you can't see them unless you totally turn around - which I didn't want to do since I was part of the whole act at that point. Then, they all swarm around me and I can't believe that I am actually sitting there and that they are all singing around me! I almost don't even remember the singing as I was so caught up in being the focus of their attention. I remembered various word cues - but I really don't think I heard the song lol.

OK - I don't know when this next part happened exactly - but it definitely happened hehe. I was on the chair and nobody was around me. I was like, hmmmm where are they all?? So, I look back and to my left and see Barry and Jeff but they are so far that its hard to see - so then I decide to turn to the right. Well, just as I did there was an Elliott right in my face. :-) HA! My friend Sue, who had been exchanging glances and smiles with El all night thusfar, said that he was in his usual place on the side of the stage. Apparently he looked at her and smiled, as if to say "hey I am gonna scare her - check this out!". Well he must have run up to be next to me while I was looking the other way because he made me jump :-) Sue said I was visibly startled by El. Good one Elliott :-).

So they get to the part of the song where they inject a word pertinent to the place they are playing - Scott actually says to Kevin "Jersey" and sure enough 2 seconds later they say "New Jersey". I always wondered if that was premeditated or on the fly. Apparently its on the fly.

Jeff petted my head at the usual point where they are all around you and in your face. I didn't know where to look…all those beautiful men - singing to me. Sigh. Then - its just Kev and Scott vieing for my affections so I played a little and looked both ways. Scott made his "muscles" and I played with him and pushed on his arm with one finger to which he proceeded to say "ouch" hehe. Then I touched Kevs hair but not for long because he was about to get up. I got a birds eye view of all those curly locks. :-) Sigh.

Then - Barry comes up and puts his arm around me and man - does that feel good lol. Something about a bass and his large teddy bear like hug that just makes you wanna die. I remember holding onto him somehow - I think I held onto his arm that he had around me - but I am not 100% sure now :-)

Then the inevitable happens - scott takes my hand and pulls me off the chair. OK I guess I am going with him lol. We go across the stage to where he proceeds to do the twist with me and the whole audience is screaming it was so cool, then he went into the hip bumps - boy is he bony. The whole time I was thinking - I hope I don't hurt him lol. After a little dancing he stopped, put his arm around me and said "go walk over to Kevin" and I think I said "I know" lol. Oops lol. I hope he didn't think I was giving him attitude lol. So I saunter across the stage where Kevin is in front and can't see me - and I walked around him, trailing my arm/hand across his back and then he grabs my hand and I think was gonna spin me for the very end but we were too slippery and he lost his grip lol. So we didn't end with the bang but the rest was as per usual.

At the end they did the usual gifting of the CD and then it was time for me to get off the stage so I grabbed kevins hand to hold as I jumped down lol. Boy oh boy - I didn't wanna let go lol.

Later on in the night during the girly man bit - scott mentioned my name again :-) Wooooohoooooo. It was cool.

All in all this was the best time I have had. Every time I see them I think it can't get any better and they just keep proving me wrong.

:-) Sigh. Such talent.

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